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we gon sip *drink of choice* like it's your birthday


Allow me to begin by saying my heart TRULY goes out to all the Quarantine Bdays out there. Whether or not you're a birthday person, I can imagine this is NOT AT ALL how you would expect or want to spend your special day. Like, "Yes this year I want to be on lockdown, unable to see any of my friends or family. Maybe throw in a couple bottles of wine...and you know what, yup! That sounds perfect." LOL NO, CRAZY! Of course not. With that being said, there are plenty of simple ways to make your loved ones feel, well LOVED! With that being said, there are plenty of simple ways to make your loved ones feel, well LOVED! Whether they're the party type or one to simply enjoy a quiet bubble bath with some wine, I've gotcha covered.

1. Send an at-home spa day through Foxtrot. This bundle is only $35 and includes a bottle of Rosé, a face mask, eye gels, Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray, and lip balm. And the best part-- Foxtrot delivers for free in Dallas!

Super cute and thoughtful, without a ton of work... WIN, WIN. They have a $30 Birthday Basket, as well; but I think this one is too cute to pass up :)

Photo: Foxtrot

2. Support local and gift one of these adorable homey baskets by My Special Basket-- filled with a kitchen towel, design mug, fresh OJ & raspberries for mimosas, champagne, flowers (artificial or real), sweet treat, and personalized note.

Everything is reusable, made with local goods from local vendors; and the price just depends on your choice of bubbles! Options:

  • (2) Mini Moet $80

  • (2) Mini La Marca Prosecco $60

  • (1) 750 ml Moet $100

Delivery in Dallas included. Just DM her to place your order!

Photo: My Special Basket

3. Send birthday drinks with this complete cocktail kit from Cocktail Courier!! You can choose from a wide selection, but this Birthday Cake Cocktail seems perfectly fitting. The kits come with everything you need, and you can choose to send either the 2 cocktail or 6 cocktail bundle. I just purchased one that makes 2, and with the code "QRTA59" for $15 off, it would come to $23.98 (including shipping/delivery). SO AFFORDABLE and cute, especially if a Zoom Happy Hour is already in order.

Photo: Cocktail Courier

4. Did someone say Pizza Party?? Order a pizza and bottle of wine (25% off) from Delucca Gaucho and you're likely to hit the $30 mark... which gets you a FREE DESSERT PIZZA!! Choice of Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Banana Flambé, omg I'm drooling, or Blackberries & Mascarpone. Be sure to call your order in to redeem this-- and pickup is from 4:30-8:30 PM. Then just deliver to the birthday boy/girl... and it's sure to take the cake! 214-774-9903 for the Dallas location.

5. And lastly, if it's not a birthday without a party... then HAVE A PARTY for him/her!!!

Whether you have a small (be smart!) group gathering, or do something virtual, it can still be fun and creative! If you need to do something completely virtual, think about adding a theme or interactive element. Kedziefest has created Virtual Birthday Boxes ($30, for the Birthday boy/girl), as well as Packs ($15) for the "party" attendees. They include things like party hats, beads, decor, balloons, and quarantine themed pins. Orders over $25 are shipped for free, and you can get $10 off your first order by signing up for their newsletter. Alternatively, you could make it a luau, disco, Hollywood glamour party-- you name it! Send out evites, and maybe even include some themed cocktails they could prepare beforehand, or a playlist everyone could play together.

If you've got a small group getting together, think about putting together an awesome picnic for the birthday honoree! Get a board from Fount Board & Table, or pick up some of your Eatzi's favorites. Grab some cupcakes from Sprinkles, or order an INCREDIBLE cake from Gold Leaf Cakes (photo to left). It can be whatever you want it to be. Google "Picnic Inspiration" for ideas on how to dress it up a bit, and be sure to bring a speaker for music. On a beautiful day, I can't think of ANYTHING better.

Want to stay at home? Think about ordering in margaritas and Mexican for the crew-- super easy and cost effective! Places like Mesero, E Bar, and Primo's are all still open and ready to serve you! And to make the party complete, add a DIY Lushra Balloon Arch; you can choose your own scheme, or pick one of the themed kits already prepared. I linked the fiesta one above-- it is SOO cute!!

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