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Make America Brunch Again

First off, allow me to apologize for being MIA... sometimes you need a WORLD PANDEMIC to get you to slow down and "get to" all the things that have been on your to-do list, am I right!? In all honesty, it's been really difficult to accept all that's happened in the last week or so. Much like many, my employer was forced to shut down until further notice, and it's been devastating to think about the effects on the business that we've worked so hard to build, but more importantly my coworkers & employees that are now wondering what on earth they're going to do and how long this can possibly last.

I know that it's been said a million times, but you have to remember HOW important it is to continue supporting the local restaurants/bars through this. It has taken me a minute to process what's been happening, but we as a city and industry are evolving, fighting to do whatever is needed to make it, and I want to do all that I can to help spread awareness to what YOU can be doing to play your part.

With that being said, in the last year or so, I have sadly consumed less brunch (and participated in less Sunday Fundays) than ever before in my 21+ life. I started using my afternoons to go to workout classes, run errands, tidy my apartment, etc etc. Well. I can't really do any of that anymore and there are ONLY so many times I can vacuum cat hair without going absolutely mad. SO.... my first order of business as an unemployed promoter of joy is to MAKE AMERICA BRUNCH AGAIN. Yup, you heard me. Waffles. Pancakes. Fried Chicken. Mimosas. The whole shebang. These are life's SIMPLE PLEASURES and quite frankly you don't have anything else better to do Sat+Sun from here on in. So, I've compiled a list below of some suggested ways to brunch from home-- both with kits, and pickup/delivery options. Feel free to click on the location for more info, and of course, remember that every meal you order is making a huge difference!


Whisk Crepes – With the ultimate crepe package (available for pickup & delivery), you get 2 quarts of their house made WHISK CFREPE batter (makes about 12-15 crepes), one tub of Nutella, 12 eggs, 1 lb butter, 1 lb strawberries, 1 pint of whipping cream, 1 BOTTLE OF SPARKLING WINE (perfectly paired for mimosas), AND 2 bottles of hand sanitizer and costs $60.

Sixty Vines – Brunch Kit $20 with wine 50% off and $4 frosé/freezlings for pickup. Brunch kits includes french toast w/ lemon curd, multigrain toast, eggs, butter, cheese, bacon. ALSO all kits come with 2 rolls of toilet paper :)

Ida Claire - Brunch kits are $40 and include quartered waffles, eight chicken tenders, bacon gravy, pure maple syrup, four uncooked eggs, two bowls of short rib potato hash, three ham steaks, and a gallon of OJ (add 2 bottles of bubbles for $15!!) I suggest calling ahead to secure your order for pickup.


City Council is INFAMOUS for their delicious, creative brunch entrees and these are no exception. Selections range from $8-12 and include items like PANCAKE DOGS (UHM okaaaaaaay), breakfast quesadilla & pizzas, and ribeye steak n’ eggs. Plus bottles of bubbly brut mimosas are only $15.

Casa Verona is still relatively new, and THIS is your chance to try some of the best breakfast pizza I’ve ever had…. With a FREE bottle of bubbly (with $25 purchase)! They’re offering to-go orders and curbside pickup. (972) 707-0331

Oddfellows is offering a to-go menu with ALLLLLLL of the brunch necessities—pancakes, breakfast scrambles and sandwiches, huevos rancheros, fried chicken & waffles, and the list goes on! They’re also selling fresh produce, baking staples, and beer/wine (WOO!). You can order online, or call them at 214-944-5958 to place your order.

Taverna is offering BREAKFAST TACOS Saturday & Sunday (Chorizo, Bacon, Cheese, & Vegetarian) with $4 mimosas to-go from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. Just call to pre-order 214-520-9933 and then pickup!

Ellen’s is LITERALLY once of my favorite spots for brunch food in the city, and they are offering their full menu for pickup or delivery! Just head to their website, select your preference, and order away JAND THE BEST PART….. wine is ½ priced to go!!! (includes sparkling wine for mimosas).

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