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Where to Drink by the Pool in Dallas

By the time August rolls around, most of us are FINALLY back in town to stay. Unfortunately... so is that Texas heat, y'all. Today: 98 degrees. Tomorrow: 98 degrees. You get the point, and we are NOT talking about Nick Lachey's short-lived boy band. As some say, "if you can't beat em, join em," I say, "if you can't beat the heat, find the nearest pool and start drinking!" Luckily, Dallas is home to some of the BEST hotel pools, with some prettttttttty good drinks (and even better atmospheres to soak up the sun). So here it is-- my guide for which pools to hit up this summer before it's too late:

1. The Adolphus - $40 day passes (includes complimentary valet, wi-fi, access to the fitness center, AND 15% off spa services.... YES PLEASE!!) or FREE access on Sunday's from 11 am - 3 pm. On Sunday's, they have a DJ and super fun drink specials (all the food & drinks here are AMAZING)! Great atmosphere, and you can definitely get some good sun here *insert sunglass emoji*

2. The Stoneleigh - This pool has SO much seating, with great sun exposure and it's typically not too crowded. In the past when I've been there, they've also had a DJ with a good, low-key vibe. This year, they started offering $30 day passes with Resort Pass (link) which provides access to the pool, complimentary wi-fi, and discounted valet parking ($8). The food & drinks are SO good, and pretty fairly priced. A great option for anyone close by in Uptown, as well!

3. Hotel ZaZa - from what I understand (at least from my experiences in the past!), anyone can utilize this pool which is TRULY an ~oasis.~ Definitely the most serene atmosphere of them all! It's super convenient for those living in Uptown, and of course, the food & drinks are amazing! It can be pretty crowded, while other times it's super quiet. I'd call ahead and even ask the hostess at Dragonfly what the scene is like before heading over.

Refreshing Summer Cocktail at The Stoneleigh

Other pool notes:

Waterproof at The Statler - this pool is EXTREMELY small, but there is always a good crowd here! If you're not necessarily looking to lay out and want more of a party scene, this is for you.

The Joule - I am OBSESSED with this pool! I'm sure you've seen the edge jutting out into Main Street, and if you haven't you need to check this out NOW: link! Unfortunately, you have to be a guest to utilize the pool; BUT I will say, if you're down to do a staycation, this would be a great spot.

The W Dallas - Victory - The W offers day passes through Resort Pass, as well, which start at $25 and include a DJ from 1-6 on Saturdays & Sundays, as well as 20% off spa services (which I loveeeeee). I've found that the pool area is typically fairly shaded, but if that's what you're looking for, it could be worth checking out!

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