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Frosé, frosé, frosé (to the tune of olé, olé, olé)

From left to right: The Adolphus Pool, City Council, Beto & Son, Merchant House

That HOT Texas summer is just around the corner, and let me tell you, folks... you can read all the google results for "how to survive" you want, but I'm about to keep it real with you. Sure, you should stay hydrated. Wear sunscreen. Crank the A/C. For God's sake avoid wearing black. BUT the true answer, the KEY to survival... is *drum roll*.... frosé. Yup. You heard it here first, from the most basic of bitches herself, moi.

So, without further ado, here is a list of my FAVORITE frosés in the city of Dallas, to keep you cool as a cucumber this summer.

1. City Council-- made with rosé, strawberry purée, and raspberry vodka, this sh*t is STRONG. And it's only $7 during happy hour (M-F 4-7 PM).

2. The Adolphus Pool-- they serve up $50 copper pitchers to split with friends that are INCREDIBLE. Pool. Day. Made.

3. Beto & Son-- I'm sure by now you know about their infamous liquid nitrogen margaritas... but did you know they make liquid nitrogen frosé, as well!? Made with organic rosé wine, puréed strawberry, orange liqueur, Absolut Elyx Vodka, fresh lime juice, agave, and encapsulated fruit pearls, this will ROCK. YOUR. WORLD. Can be made for 1 or 2 people.

4. Stirr-- made with Frozen Chateau St. Jean Rosé, St. Germain, and fresh strawberries. I added this to the list because you can get a large format one with friends for $55, which ALWAYS makes for a good time.

5. Merchant House-- housemade with rosé, St. Germain, and lemon. $7 during happy hour (M-F 4-7 PM) and meant to be drank on the rooftop.

6. Waterproof-- made with rosé, elderflower, and Aperol (and you have the option to make it sparkle for $3... to which my response is always: "duh").

7. The Standard Pour-- made with New Amsterdam Vodka, St. Germain, peach liqueur, cardamom bitters, and rosé, and is only $5 (whaaaaat!?) during happy hour (M-F 4-7 PM).

8. The Rustic-- made with rosé and STRAWBERRY SORBET (are you kidding me)

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